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Our Story


Our company originally opened in 1959 as Thornbury’s Appliance Service until our Dad, Huggie Thornbury, was contacted by The Maytag Company in 1960. He had been repairing some Maytag product that Maytag was having trouble getting repaired. Those customers told Maytag about our dad successfully repairing their units. Maytag sent dad a list of products and asked him if he could fix them. He took care of them in a few days and sent the list back for payment.
Soon after, Maytag asked him if he would be interested in becoming an authorized servicer. He decided he would “TRY” it. Maytag sent him a plane ticket to fly to Newton, Iowa to sign him up.

Dad then decided to change the business name to Maytag Service Company of Louisville in 1960 and the rest is our history.

Our mother managed the office while raising 8 children. Sons’ Steve and David became technicians in the mid to late 70’s. Dad passed away in 1983 and mom sold the business to David and Steve in 2003. Mom passed away in 2013. We are working to continue this business on to the third generation with our nephew Nick now learning the business.